Our services to hotel owners

Alternative Management Solutions Exclusive Hotel Operator of Aqua Vista Hotels


Our services are centered on the idea that each property must have a specific sales plan in order to sell as many room nights as possible at the right rate in the right time.

We take on the Integrated Reservations Management oof the property by handling all necessary communication and correspondence from all booking sources, in our central offices, while the owner maintains the full responsibility of the actual operation of the Hotel.

Our objectives are simple:

We want to:

  • • Identify and Optimize the sales potential of the Hotel.
  • • Duly administer every single reservation request, whether on-line or off-line.
  • • Turn requests into bookings.
  • • Implement daily Yield Management.
  • • Maximize room revenue.
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  • • Assessment of the potential Room Revenue for the Hotel.
  • • Connectivity with major Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) (,,,
  • • Connectivity with major Global Distribution Systems (GDS).
  • • Maximum utilization of the Hotel’s Web Site.
  • • Contracts with Tour Operators and Travel Agents.
  • • Installation of the on-line booking platform.
  • • XML Connection to all booking channels.
  • • Installation of A.M.S. customized Hotel Software and training of all Hotel users.
  • • Weekly monitoring of the property’s performance.

In case the owner does not wish to hand over the full Reservation Management of the property to A.M.S., we are ready to discuss the best solution for the owner and tailor-made our services accordingly.

Our Fees

In most cases, our fees are directly related to the Hotel’s operating revenue.

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